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Counterfeiters manufacture and distribute illegal replica bags goods, acting against laws that are in place to protect consumers, businesses and communities.

When apprehended, counterfeiters are subject to imprisonment, fines, civil judgments, or any or all of the above.

The sometimes elusive counterfeit trade has been known to take radical measures to stay in business and avoid getting caught. It is illegal to import counterfeit goods, so some counterfeiters have been known to attempt to circumvent law enforcement and customs authorities by round-about transporting counterfeits across many borders of many countries, or submitting fake documents. In order to increase chances of slipping by authorities, counterfeit goods are transported via alternate shipping methods. A seized parcel or shipping container will remain with customs, and will never be delivered to the addressee.
Counterfeiting is often just one of many crimes that networks of criminal organizations are associated with. Many criminal organizations trading in counterfeit goods have also been associated with crimes such as tax evasion, identity theft, cybercrime, human trafficking, money laundering and terrorism. Profits made from the sales of replica Vuitton could be supporting any or all of these crimes. Refusing to purchase replica Louis Vuitton, and purchasing only the genuine may help to reduce access to revenue that fund many crimes.
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